Top 10 Questions to Ask Advisors About Majors

  1. What would I learn about when studying this major?

  2. Does this major have a pre-major? If yes, what courses would I take before moving into the major? Does completing the pre-major guarantee admission to the major?

  3. How do I declare this major? Is there a minimum GPA required to declare the major? Does having this GPA guarantee admission into the major?

  4. How many units do I take for the major?

  5. What are the required courses? Do I need to declare the major before I can take these courses?

  6. What level of math and second language are required?

  7. Does this major require that I complete a minor?

  8. What are some examples of internships, research opportunities and/or clubs that are associated with this major? Where can I find more information about them?

  9. What careers are directly associated with this major?

  10. What do you (the representative) like best about this major?

Major Exploration